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Xi3 Corporation 9020002000 X5A Modular 902-0002-000 Desktop Computer - AMD Athlon 64 X2 3400e 1.80 GHz - Gray Specs and Details

The 5 Series Modular Computer is the best fit for most applications. It has the processing power of most full-size desktop PCs and Workstations but uses up to 95% less power to operate, and can easily be adapted or modified for any application or industry. Its small size, rugged package, and various mounting options make it an ideal choice for many embedded applications. A 5 Series Modular Computer can also be viewed as a powerful alternative for virtualization and cloud computing applications currently using thin clients. It is smaller and more efficient than many thin clients on the market, yet offers all the local processing capability of a fully functional PC when needed. The 5 Series Modular Computer is also great as a customized PC/Workstation replacement providing better reliability, longer product life, and lower power consumption. In most cases, using a 5 Series Modular computer will pay for itself in energy consumption alone when used as a replacement for existing PC/Desktop solutions.

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