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Cyber Power CyberpowerPC Essential-K EK3000 Desktop (3.1 GHz Apple A4 Processor 4GB DDR3 128GB SSD AMD Radeon R7240 Windows 8) Black Specs and Details

The Pyle Academy series is an affordable option to provide high-power, high-quality sound to your vehicle’s speakers. Academy amplifiers are sturdy with amp heatsinks and accept both low level RCA inputs as well as high-level, low-impedance MOLEX inputs. So you can rock your tunes no matter what kind of head unit you have. The PLAM1000 is a two-channel, 1000-watt bridgeable amplifier. It’s equipped with variable gain control, a built-in variable subwoofer crossover, and a three-way configuration. The MOSFET pulse width modulation power supply allows for a clean, distortion-free signal to your speakers. To keep both your car and the amplifier safe, this model is equipped with thermal, overload, and short circuit protection. Welcome to the academy – the Pyle Academy.

Cyber Power EK3000 Techical Specification

Basic Info
Brand:Cyber Power
Additional Specifications
Parent Retsku:B00KBCUSMW
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