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AEE S18B 8MP 1080p HD Action Camera SD18B Specs and Details

AEE Action Cam SD18B 1080p/30fps Wide Angle 160 Degree Waterproof HD Action Camera The AEE Action Cam SD18B is our widest angle 160 Degree 1080p action camera. This camera is has all the features of the GoPro Hero 3 White but includes better specs and accessories at lower price. It's a compact, waterproof camera capable of shooting HD video and taking 16 MP photos. It comes with a waterproof camera housing and 1.5" LCD screen included. High Quality Features in Tough Package The AEE Action Cam SD18B Waterproof HD Action Camera boasts some impressive features. Capable of 1080p30 recording, your videos benefit from true HD quality and with an ultra-wide 175 degree angle, you're guaranteed to capture all of the action. For fastest motion capture, the camera can capture 120 fps at 480p. Waterproof Camera Housing The camera includes an IP66 waterproof camera housing that, as well as providing extra protection to the camera and lens, allows the camera to be used underwater up to a depth of 190 feet. Detachable LCD monitor With the 1.5" LCD monitor attached you can see what the camera is seeing. The TFT monitor also allows playback of existing footage, so that you can review the video/images you've taken or show what you've taken quickly and easily to your friends. Extras Included Other accessories include a flat and curved helmet mounts, a quick relEase attachment, adjustable pivot arm, a protective pouch, a wrist strap, anti-fog inserts, and USB charging/ sync cable, and an extra thumb screw/ nut. Specifications. IP66 Waterproof housing, dust tight and heavy sea rating. 175 degree extreme ultra-wide angle f/2.8 lens. 1080p/30 fps, 1080i/60 fps, 960p/48 fps, 720p/60 fps, 480p/120 fps. 16 MP still images. 10x digital zoom. Multiple shooting modes including 10 photos per second fast-shot. Detachable LCD screen to compose shots and view playback. 3 exposure modes average and center for complete lighting control. Built-in microphone and support for external microphone

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